This is cheap and it works!

Are you looking for a cheap alternative to one of those EXPENSIVE! Pro controllers for the PS4??? And want extra paddles on your controller for cheap??? This is the review for you! In this review, I talk about the reason why I still enjoy using this product, It even feels better in my hands than other more expensive controllers.


The Good

  • The Price at $40
  • Same Great Controller
  • Durability (I’ve used for over a year)
  • Paddles feel
  • Various different mods


The Bad

  • Wired only
  • Connection issues with PS4
  • Mods can cause problems with the strikepack

Wrap it up!

Also the base PS4 controller has one of the BEST D-pads of any controller. This FPS STRIKE PACK DOMINATOR REVIEW is my honest opinion after using this product for more then a year! I think the FPS Strikepack is still awesome! If you are looking for a $40 Scuff killer, I recommend you seriously consider this product!

Checkout the Product link here:

Affiliate link Amazon Product Link: https://amzn.to/2BNJmw

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