How to FIX PS4 slow menu LAG (5 Tips and More!)

PS4 is aging hardware, but can still be improved.

In this video, I talk about “how to fix PS4 slow menu”. I provide you 5 tips and more on how to fix the stuttering, LAGGY and unresponsive menu on the ps4’s dashboard. In this video, I will also show you how to restart your ps4 to SAFE mode and rebuild your PS4’s database!

Slow menus no more…

The laggy ps4 menu can be fix rather quickly. Some issues like having a dynamic theme can drastically cut down on your PS4’s performance. Hopefully this “how to fix ps4 menu lag” video helped you reduce the user interface on your PS4! The ps4 menu is slow… It only has 1 GB of DDR5 ram dedicated to it.

What you can do!

  • Delete Messages
  • Rebuild PS4 Hard Drive database
  • Close all applications
  • Delete unneeded files (Messages, Apps, Clips)
  • Limit the number of icons on homescreen
  • Get a static theme

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