New Playstation 5 information BLOWOUT!

The PS5 will be a BEAST!

With the release date of the PS5 next year, what can we expect from the ps5??? There has been official playstation 5 new info in regards to the specification of the console. The playstation 5 release date has been confirmed to not be in 2019! Ps5 leaked specs have been circualting as a result of sony releasing the DEV KITS to develops.

Also, Sony has been working on the PS5 for a recorded 4 years. I’m excited for the next generation SSD that will be in the PS5, the Backwards compatibility and the ps5 psvr 2 headset. Sony will not be attending e3 in 2019, but have intern to host their own event called playstation experience. Expect to have the reveal for the PS5, price and release date at that event.

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