Playstation Icons Light UNBOXING + REVIEW | Paladone (2019)

I love this!

The Playstation icons light can be found on amazon. I really enjoy these ps4 lights. The symbols are the playstation logo. This is great playstation decor! Also, great playstation collectibles for fanboys! Affiliate Link down below: Playstation Icon Light


  • Battery mode! Take it on the go!
  • 3 Different light options
  • Plug into a wall for extended duration
  • Great conversation piece


  • It’s very light and seems like it may break easy! Keep it safe
  • Maybe a little more expensive than what I’d like to see. It’s $30


I’d say if you love the Playstation brand, this would be a no brainer! I enjoy it for it’s symbolism over anything. It’s a great center piece and when it’s illuminated, it’s very vibrant. It maybe a little more expensive than I’d like to see at $30. If you can find it on sale for less, I’d recommend to this product to everyone! I do enjoy it and I think you will too.


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