Put your own PICTURE as a background (PS4)

Any picture you want!

Do you want to know how to put your own picture as a WALLPAPER, THEME or background on the PS4? In this easy PlayStation 4 tutorial, I use the Playstation Messages app to send and receive pictures from my mobile phone to my PS4. This allows me to take a screenshot by hitting the share button.

The picture will then be saved onto my PS4 Harddrive. I can then go to settings. Themes. And apply a custom theme of my choosing. This is a great way to send any picture you want to your PS4. I’ve pictures that are as large as 11 MBS over the PS messages app to my PS4, so you can have larger files sizes. You can also do this from the PC web browser. By signing into Playstations webpage, however you are restricted to 1mb for file sizes.

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