Fix PS4 Input lag!

Do you want to know how to reduce you input lag on your PS4? Playing on a big screen TV and having display is a terrible experience. The playstation 4 console is no exception. To fix the input lag on the PS4, look at the game mode options on your TV. This will drastically reduce the input lag on the PS4.

Also, to fix input lag on your PS4 controller, plug the controller in via the USB connection. If you really want to take your game to the next level, buy a monitor to play video games on. Monitors have a low amount of input lag on them. This will be great for first person shooters like call of duty. Or even fortnite.

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How to FIX PS4 slow menu LAG (5 Tips and More!)

In this video, I talk about “how to fix PS4 slow menu”. I provide you 5 tips and more on how to fix the stuttering, LAGGY and unresponsive menu on the ps4’s dashboard. In this video, I will also show you how to restart your ps4 to SAFE mode and rebuild your PS4’s database!

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