Crash Team Racing Review (PS4)

Crash Team Racing is finally out and this time around it’s only $40 US dollars on release! So if you looking to save a few extra bucks on a remastered game release. You are in luck. Activation has nailed the visual appearance of CTR. It simply looks beautiful. It’s impressive to be able to see fur in the character models and the clarity in the tires. It’s a huge leap over the original 1999 release of crash team racing.

Single player,
This game does have an adventure mode where you play offline. The object of the mode to is drive around to different tracks on the map trying to win races to earn keys, which allows you to unlock other tracks to race on. Once you get enough keys, you can race the boss of the area. Beat the boss and your onto a new zone. This is the general formula of the single player. It sounds simple, but there is more to it.

Once you beat the Zone boss you can unlock them and use them as a racer. Also, each race you win earns you coins. With the coins you can go to the main menu and buy new characters, cars, color combinations for your car. It’s kinda like a micro transaction store front… but with no micro transactions in the game yet. If I had to speculate there probably will be an real work cash option at some point… because… Activision…. you they will try and add it. With black ops 4 they waited a couple months before adding it in.

The single player is great for new players, it has 3 levels of difficulty. Which is great for people who are just getting this game for the first time. I had to choose easy… because I was terrible at power sliding. Although, without mastering this technique, I found myself way ahead of the NPC. I’m excited to race more, the starting track and zones were aww inspiring for a first time CTR player. As I played more and more, I could tell the difficulty of the tracks increased. With swaying objects across the screen, tight corns and fire balls ascending from the ground.

When it comes to boss battles, there are some issues of how it’s implemented. Good luck trying to get ahead, it seems like these take more strategy instead of speeding ahead of the boss and thinking your going to win. The boss can make up some serious distance on you if your are way ahead. Which, can be annoying at times when you all of sudden lose. But I kinda like the challenge of out smarting the NPC instead of out racing them.

The details,
This game does boast 34 maps on release which was very surprising to me. I feel like that is a good amount of value for the game, plus with future free seasons where we will be getting new gear and a new maps. It will be interesting where this game will go into the future. I like the added post launch support for the game and I’m hoping for new modes. There is quite a few different options to choose from when it comes to character selection.
As of right now, I can see 25 characters and I’m sure there are a few hidden ones as well. There will be an option for the charactors for varying degree of speed, acceleration, and turing. So who you choose can be important depending on where you are racing.

As of right now, there is only 2 online modes… Racing and battle. There is no option for teams in racing. I kinda like the idea of having duos or partner races in a 2v2v2v2 line up. I did noticed, I earned more coin when completing online matches vs the single player, so if you’re someone who wants to earn the in game currency quick, jump into multiplayer right away. If your someone who loves split screen, your in luck with CTR.

It’s back! I’m happy with this decision, having the option for split screen in modern days in becoming a thing of the past. I still enjoy getting together with friends and family and playing couch co op games / split screen. I wish more games had this option.

If your looking to get away from the action and just practice, there is a private game option where you can choose the track you want to race on and invite your friends.

Local Arcade,
However, the best place to practice is the local arcade. In the local arcade, you can do single races, cup races, battle, time trials, relic race, ctr challenges and the crystal challenge. This is separate from the single player / adventure mode. However, you will see these game types pop up when your playing the adventure modes.

High Scores,
on the main menu you will a section that records your best lap and high scores. This is the highlight menu. Search by different mode, area and track to see your best. Now, I was hoping to see an option of online friends to see how they are doing and how I stand up against them, but I did not see one.

Crash team racing is one of those gem games I never got to experience when I was a kid and now that I’m an adult, I’m glad to experience this great game. I feel like for the price point of 40 dollars for a remastered game it does pack a good value for the price with 25 + characters and 34 + maps and multiple modes. This game maybe difficult for some, but it’s fun playing regardless. Although, I wish there were more online modes, This will be a game that I keep on my ps4 hard drive for awhile, and I think you will too. For this reason, I’m giving this game a 9 / 10.

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