Lapel Microphone Review! (By Paladou)

Is it worth it?

The Paladou Lvalier Microphone is one of the best budget lapel microphones you can buy! This is my first lapel microphone and I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The current price for the product is $19.99 and I think that’s a great entry price for people wanting to try out a lapel microphone.

Different Applications:

This microphone can be used it various different applications like gaming on the PS4, vlogs on your phone and using it on a camcorder. The application I use this the most for is on the PS4. I use this as a second microphone while streaming. Also, when I make youtube videos from my Galaxy S9 phone, having a lapel microphone makes such a huge difference in the sound quality. Instead of picking up background noise, this Paladou microphone will pick up my voice clearly.


+79 inch cable extender
+Affordable price
+Nice case for easy storage


  • Microphone is sensitive (I can hear my shirt rubbing against it) Although, it’s not very loud.


I’m happy with this microphone because it will improve my videos when I shooting from my phone or even my Sony camera. With having a microphone close by, this lapel microphone will pick up my voice and improve the audio significantly. With the 3.5 mm audio cable, this microphone can fit into many popular devices and can be used in various different applications. I’m pleasantly surprised with how this has become my daily microphone on my Playstation 4 console. All my friends seem to enjoy the sound quality when I speak. If your looking for a budget lapel microphone, give the Paladou Microphone a serious consideration.

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