PDP AG9 + Review! (PS4)

Do you want a great wireless PS4 headset under $100? In this video, I will be doing a detailed review of the PDP Afterglow Ag 9 Plus! This is my 5th headset I have from PDP and I have seen the company upgrade key components of the headset that make it a great option for you!

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PDP AG9 Headset (PS4)

The build quality is great! It has a strong feeling to the headband! It has 50mm speakers that produce amazing sound! 40ft wireless capabilities and a 15 hour battery life on a single charge! Also, the microphone is newly upgrade with noise canceling technology that is actually pretty good. It cuts down on keyboard clicking alot! The best part of the headset is how comfortable the AG9 is. It has a breathable mesh that rungs along the ear muffs to the headband.

If you do have any problems with you headset, know that the customer service team at PDP is actually pretty good. The AG 9 comes with a 2 year limited warranty and if you can prove proof of purchase, they most likely will send you a replacement unit.

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